Aaron Ford wants a new job, but is he qualified to be the top legal officer in Nevada? According to Ford… “Not being a criminal lawyer, I can’t speak to what larceny even means, frankly. I just can’t.” Ford may want to study up — understanding criminal law is literally part of the job.

Why did Aaron Ford support a sanctuary state law? Ford sponsored a bill – acknowledged as a “sanctuary state” law – that would have made it harder for local and federal law enforcement authorities to cooperate. Not surprisingly, the bill was opposed by law enforcement officials all across the state.

Aaron Ford wishes Nevada was like Maine and Vermont, where you never lose your right to vote. Seriously. Ford said that. Ford is way out of the mainstream, he opposes common-sense voter ID laws, calling it a “waste of taxpayer dollars”?! Don’t worry he has supported legislation – AB181 – that would allow some felons to run for public office.

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