Aaron Ford was the primary sponsor of SB223. This radical left-wing legislation would have prohibited police in Nevada from using resources for immigration enforcement. With this bill, Nevada would become a sanctuary state and dangerous criminals could be protected from deportation thanks to Aaron Ford.

As the top Democrat in the State Senate, Aaron Ford needed to preserve his one-vote majority. So when fellow Democrat Senator Mark Manendo came under investigation for sexual harassment, Ford made sure his colleague remained in the state senate where Ford could control Manendo’s votes. When the legislative session ended and Ford no longer needed Manendo’s vote, he gave Manendo a weak “admonishment”.

How radical is Aaron Ford? He wants to give felons the right to vote – but he opposes common-sense voter ID laws! In the Senate, Ford was the primary sponsor of a bill to give felons the right to vote. This radical legislation would even allow felons to run for office. But when a voter ID bill was introduced in the legislature, Aaron Ford called it a “waste of taxpayer dollars” and said it was unnecessary!

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